Basketball: The Evolution Of The Game Of Basketball

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Dr. James Naismith came up with the idea of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, 1891. Dr. Luther Gulick, head of Physical Education at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School, ordered Naismith to create an indoor game that would provide a distraction for students throughout the winter. He developed the original 13 rules and thus the game of basketball emerged. The first official game of basketball was believed to be played on December 21, 1891. Naismith’s gym class in Springfield, Massachusetts, played it. The equipment used to play the first game was a soccer ball, peach baskets, and nine players to each team. Since then, there have been major changes to the game. The court dimensions for any basketball court have not changed…show more content…
To increase the game speed even more, the three-second rule was added along with a 24-second shot clock in the 1950’s. Another time change is the addition of the 10-second rule, which is used when the offense has the ball and is bringing the ball up the court. The ten seconds is how long they have to bring the ball across mid-court. These new rules went against the offense so that they could not stall the ball. The final rule change to help the game was the three-point line and three-point shot which were introduced to the game in the 1960’s. There were a number of basketball leagues throughout the years. However, most of them were unsuccessful after so many seasons. The first basketball league was the National Basketball League (NBL), which developed in 1898. The first professional league was the American Basketball League (ABL) which formed in 1925. In 1936, basketball was recognized as an Olympic Team. The National Basketball Association (NBA), which is still exists today, was formed in 1949. The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League combined to form the NBA. The NBA had seventeen teams in three

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