Social Anxiety Encounters

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Social Anxiety Encounters In college, or any other time in our life, we look for a social experience. One that will change our life and/or last for as long as we live. Some people get it so easily, like it was a trait they were born with. Then there are others who just can’t due to being antisocial or just not trying. However, I do not fit into either category; it’s like I’m stuck in the middle, involuntary and voluntarily trying to be one or the other. In this essay, I will show you how a component I’ve acquired that I live with every day of my life: Social Anxiety. However, I will speak as though you are seeing through my eyes. Good morning, world. Stupid alarm, shut up. Okay, let’s get ready for the day. Wait, do I even want to go to class?…show more content…
That was probably dumb, not even much of a conversation starter. She didn’t even respond. Okay, I knew you heard me, but it’s fine, I guess im not worth your time. Why can’t I be? People always have some kind of way they make friends, even people begin friendships from encountering something bad or sad or weird or awkward, but when it happens to me, it just pushes them away more than it would if it were someone else I knew. Why can’t I get the hang of being a social person? I want a social life. I want to be able to do things as a group or have someone I hang out with a lot because we enjoy each others company so much, even sleepovers at times, but yet, I can only envision a life where I have all that rather than achieve that in reality. If it were a percentage, the amount of times I probably have this social anxiety problem is 85% of my life. It happens every day, everywhere. For example : If I have to walk down the hall for any reason, do my laundry, walk to class alone or with someone I know, finding a seat and sitting in a classroom, etc. it’s a part of my life I have dealt with time and time again , and still have not overcome . I have seen people with the same issue and become one of the most sociable person ever, and when I try telling them how it is for me, they act like it is so

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