Traffic Jam In Jakarta

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Traffic jam is not something new in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to a new study, Jakarta is named as the city with the worst traffic jam among other 78 international cities in the world in 2017 (Globe, 2015). According to a research held by INRIX, a traffic congestion analyzer based in Washington, USA, Jakarta is ranked as the 22nd country in the world that has the worst traffic congestion. The study revealed that car riders in Jakarta spend a total of 55 hours trapped in traffic for a year (Hardoko, 2017). Land Transportation Statistics from BPS-Statistics Indonesia stated that, between the periods of 2010-2014, the number of motor vehicles increases rapidly about 9.93 percent annually. The increase…show more content…
TransJakarta Busway have their own lanes where another vehicles other than TransJakarta buses cannot cross. TransJakarta is expected to be an alternative for the people in Jakarta to switch from private vehicles to public transport in order to reduce the rate of traffic congestion. However, the number of public transport users in Jakarta is still low. On May 22nd 2017, the chairman of City Transportation Council, Iskandar Abubakar said that the people of Jakarta only use public transport for 24 percent of their trip, and use private vehicles for the rest (Puspita,…show more content…
A survey by GlobalWebIndex wrote that as of the fourth quarter of 2016, 40 percent of the total population in Indonesia were active social media users. YouTube ranks first with 49 percent penetration rate, below YouTube there are Instagram with 39 percent rate and LINE with 30 percent rate (GlobalWebIndex, 2016). Through these social media, the writer expects that more people will watch the video and be aware of TransJakarta. The writer is going to use Quantitative research method in completing this thesis, the reason is that the writer wants to find as much information as possible to understand the reasons why only less people of Jakarta use TransJakarta. The writer hopes that this thesis could be a reference for other people to make campaign videos that have a persuasive value, also through this thesis, the people of Jakarta would be more aware of the benefits of TransJakarta in avoiding traffic

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