Environmental Pollution In Nigeria

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with totals about 2097.These have cause a lot of havoc in the coastal environment of Nigeria in particular and has been the major source of environmental air pollution in Nigeria. Oil exploration, production, and refinement in Nigeria has also resulted in various environmental and ecological problems that range from oil spills, gas flares, habitat destruction, air and water pollution, and land degradation. Also, a major cause of oil pollution in that same region is also to a great extent, from the activities of illegal oil bunkering and illegal refineries operated indigenes and some highly placed individuals in government. The chemical properties of spilled oil often affect the productiveness of soil and pollute water bodies, thereby causing…show more content…
In this context, different sources of environmental pollution will be reviewed in terms of their nature and their existence. Taking a look from the point of view of technology, we have to see the world above reality. Today many programs have emerged on the televisions ,internet and on radios as a result of the above mentioned issues (environmental air pollution).Must of these issues are caused by human and causing much harm and dangers to both human and the environment. Not with standing, it renders the globe a poisonous place due to poor management, ignorance and…show more content…
That means environment comprises of land, air, water and all the physical structures surrounding us. Therefore Environment can possibly be referred to as the totality of space, time and socio-cultural settings of man and other living organisms there in. The term environment could be observed as an aggregate of external conditions which affects the life of an individual or population, specifically the life of man and other living organisms on the globe or earth surface,( Miller, 1975). Human ways of life that have led to pollution could have been sorted out from the context of the purpose of natural existence. The aspect of survival and population position had been distorted within the globe which is difficult to survive. Pollution has taken the place of

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