Essay On Crime In The Bahamas

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Crime is an epidemic that plagues the Bahamian community, and often the discussion of crime evokes a sense of fear within individuals. However, why is crime still so prevalent within the Bahamas? Within an article written in the tribune entitled Six Charged with Stabbing death of Teenage Mother by Nico Scavella he states that “Under substantial police guard, four women, a standout amongst whom is pregnant and two adolescent were arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court yesterday in connection with the stabbing death of a teenage mother in the Englerston constituency last week.” (2018). This tragic event was a result of an insignificant altercation between these seven girls that occurred only weeks before the arrest. Crimes in The Bahamas have been…show more content…
Crime seems to have always been a part of The Bahamas’ history but, where did it all began and where is it leading to now? The Bahamas has had a notorious history of crime. According to the article Keeping It Better in the Bahamas: A Nation's Socioeconomic Response to Juvenile Crime by Barbara J. Nowak, she states “The Bahamas has been a safe haven for criminals dating back to the 1600’s when pirates used The Bahamas as a base to destroy other ships and steal gold from other pirates.” (2001). Moreover, during the 1860’s, when the Bahamas became a substantial port for cotton the Bahamas began to experience a boom in economy however; an increase in crime came with the increase in economy. Crime began to increase dramatically especially since there was no protection of the coastal borders of The Bahamas, which made it even more susceptible to criminals and evidently crime. However, currently in The Bahamas more specifically in Nassau according to the newspaper article (Tribune) entitled Official Police Statistics Show 3% Rise In Murder written by Sancheska Brown, Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade

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