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Beauty provides pleasure and satisfaction to people who experience it (Cambridge University Press, 2017). It exists in countless things, for example, object, human, place, etc. A closely related idiom called “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is highly controversial. This essay will concentrate on human beauty, start by defining the above idiom and human beauty. After that, this essay will demonstrate the correctness of this idiom, rebuttals of reasons against it and eventually conclusion will be offered. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is defined as “each person has their own opinion and ideas about what or who is beautiful” (The Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2017). In other words, the perception of beauty is subjective. Furthermore,…show more content…
However, people still have different opinions towards beauty because of individual life experiences that influence personal preference (Burton, 2015). Take eyelid as an example, some people are obsessed with single-edged eyelids because of the smiling eyes while some people are fascinated with double-fold eyelids as they make the eyes seem to be bigger. Use skin tone of women as another example, some people are in favor of lighter skin in accordance with an idiom “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults”. At the same time, some people think that tanned skin represents one’s do a lot of exercise and symbolize having a healthy…show more content…
For instance, some people regard a confident person who is capable of speak out his or her own thoughts as beautiful, irrespective of physical appearance. In the meantime, people upholding justice without fear and concession can embody beauty in someone’s eyes. Inversely, if a woman has a pretty appearance but she is spiteful, brutal and unreasonable who cannot get along with others, some people would think that she is not beautiful. To conclude, one’s standard of inner beauty is somehow affected by his or her values or in other words, the importance of various personality. Consequently, each individual has their own notion about who is beautiful and hence beauty is in the eye of the

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