Relational Aggression In Mean Girls

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When adolescents become teenagers they start to become more concerned about how they appear to other people. They start having to decide on which peer group they want to be a member of, which can be stressful because they want a certain label. Peer groups allow adolescents to explore their individual interests while they have a sense of belonging and rank with a group of friends. Imagine being back in middle school and high school, when there were certain cliques, but they would also hang out with certain crowds. I attended De Quee High School and there were multiple different cliques and only some of the cliques would conversate with one another. My clique was formed by many of us playing the same sports, which forced us to spend a large amount of time together. In the text it states “Cliques can be defined by common activities or simply by friendship” (Steinburg 128). Not only was the clique that I hung around were just the ones that I played sports with, there were also other girls that did not play sport that we associated with and were in our group. At my high…show more content…
As you see in high school that is more common in boys is instrumental aggression and reactive aggression. I compare relational aggression to the movie Mean Girls because majority of people that went to high school has first hand experience, whether it being the victim, predator or the bystander. Steinburg states “Relationals aggression was first noticed in observations of girls, studies show that both genders employ it but that girls are more aware of it, more distressed by it, and more often victims of it” (Steinburg 146). Due to that statement, I believe that is why adolescents watch movies that have relational aggression in them. This allows them to watch the actress(es) actions and they interpret that it is okay for this type of aggression towards other adolescents and causes

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