Why Should Homosexuals Have Equal Rights In Ghana

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Homosexuality is seen as an abomination in the eyes of most Ghanaian citizens. It is said to be another curse the whites, after colonization want to impose on us Africans and Ghanaians are strongly against it. The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur said she will not promote homosexuality in Ghana. She however pledged to protect the human rights of all Ghanaians including that of homosexuals. “I have not said anywhere that I will promote homosexuality. What I have said is to protect the human rights of everybody”. She then came under attack with regards to her stance on the issue of homosexuality (Frimpong, 2013). With this being said, even the mere mention of equal rights with regards to homosexuals is a taboo. But then I believe homosexuals should be given equal rights in Ghana, just as heterosexuals.…show more content…
Socially, there would be an increase in the adoption rate of the country. In Ghana, adoption is not an option for many parents, reproducing your own offspring shows your strength as a man or a woman in society. You are considered inadequate; you are ridiculed or even labelled as cursed. With this being said, there are many orphans that need to feel the love and comfort if being in a family, but unfortunately they are stuck in the orphanage we as Ghanaians consider to be a charity houses. What we need to do is find them a home to nurture them. If equal rights are given to homosexuals, they would be able to make a child happy to have a family as well as be happy to have a family of their

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