Essay On Consumer Buying Behavior

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TITLE OF THE STUDY: Consumer buying behavior is the study of how individuals, group and organizations select buy, use of goods and services, ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants TVS Motor Company Limited is an Indian company that manufactures bikes, scooters, mopeds, three wheelers, parts and accessories. TVS Motor is the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India, and also one among the top ten in the world. NEED FOR THE STUDY: Marketing starting with identifying the needs of customers and ends in satisfying those wants. The goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising higher value and to keep current customers by delivering satisfaction based on their preferences.…show more content…
It requires a great deal of effort to induce satisfied customer to switch away from their current existing. Thus, customer satisfaction is been given top priority in today’s competitive world. Therefore keeping the above objective in mind, this study was conducted to ascertain the consumer buying behavior towards TVS brands in view of this, a detailed study of customer preferences, and levels of the satisfaction and their complaints and suggestions was undertaken. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: In present world, there is high level of competition in the market. Hence, customer is treated as king and he choose/purchase the products/ services which he perceives good and will not purchase the products/ services which he perceives good and will not purchase the products / services which he perceives. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: 1) To understand the consumer perception about the TVS vehicles services in the Saravana. 2) To know the opinion of the customers about the price, shape and size, infrastructure, good services, exchange offer, special offer and attractive schemes of the TVS
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