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LINES PLAYBOYS USE TO HAVE SEX WITH INNOCENT LADIES If you want to keep your virginity till marriage or stay off sex completely till you get married, beware of these lines or men will pass you from bed to bed like football. Innocent ladies including naive married women usually fall into sexual traps through these lines: 1. YOU ARE TOO FRIGID: They tell you to loosen up, learn to hug, learn to give a "godly" brother a peck on the cheek. You should socialize and be more friendly. It's a bait to make you loose your guard little by little and they keep asking for more till they eventually have sex with you and dump you neat! Which useless hug does he want, for what reason? If he wanna hug, he should hug his mother, sisters, male friends or wife! Some men know virtually the breast size of all the females around them by hugging tightly and feeling what they should not feel! If you need to hug and peck, go hug and peck fellow females sisters! Not hugging guys doesn't mean you are frigid, don't let any guy deceive you! I wasn't into hugging guys as a single lady yet was very friendly and had male admirers! Of course, I ain't frigid in marriage! Sex in marriage is sweet to say the least! Be friendly sis, but know the limit to physical touch! 2. YOU ARE OLD…show more content…
I LOVE YOU: Playboys are very good at using those words. Don't let any man sweet talk you into his bed! If he loves you, he should keep his fingers off your precious body. As a married woman, it is senseless to consistently listen to another man who regularly tells you he loves you and you are beginning to reciprocate with "I love you too!" You call it showing the agape love of Christ, I pity your marriage! Put your phone on speaker so your husband can hear everything he tells you, show him all the chats and conversations, if your "friend" tells you to clear chats and not be completely open to your husband about your relationship with him, he is a devil per excellence! Your marriage is heading towards

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