Katha Pollitt What's Wrong With Gay Marriage

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The emotional and logic of gay marriage Did you know that there are currently 32 states that gay marriage is allowed and 12 states that gay marriage is banned, that only leaves 6 other states that gay marriage is under court review. In “what’s wrong with gay marriage” Katha Pollitt discusses four main topics of marriage: procreation, women domesticates men, the history and the religion. Pollitt’s essay was published in The Nation magazine in 2003. It was referring to a decision the Massachusetts Supreme Court had made towards defending gay marriage. Massachusetts believes in the rights of homosexuals and they should not be denied the right to marry because it was unconstitutional. Katha Pollitt’s, born in New York, 1949 was a well-respected poet and writer for the following magazines, the Antarctic traveler, Mother Jone, The…show more content…
Pollitt’s outstanding writing career has earned her a BA from Radcliff College and an MFA from Columbia University. Pollitt’s talks about three arguments that opposed gay marriage: procreation, domestication of men and the history of marriage. She believes that procreation is not a valid reason why gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed because many couples married without the intention of having any kids. Women domesticating men do not work neither because of reason like domestic violence, child abuse and infidelity? Pollitt also argues that getting married for love is something new and that the old times peoples were forced into marriages. Overall stating that “gay marriage – it’s not about sex, it’s about separation of church and state”. With the support of emotional appeals of pathos and the comparison and contrast of logical appeals,

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