Persuasive Essay On Change Is Inevitable

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Pascual, Joe-Cai B. November 19, 2015 (T-5R) Final Requirement; Persuasive essay “Change is Inevitable" Cases of poverty throughout the nation still increase.The number of unemployed Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) remains the same.Manifestations of illiteracy in the Philippines are still unsolved.The quality of education here in our country is still low. We still suffer from heavy traffic every day. Drug trafficking cases are rampant. Child labor in our country is still high. Our country faces these problems despite its efforts to attain economic growth. Moreover, we are still stuck on these countless difficulties of our nation. Is there a possibility that we can solve these problems? Is it still hopeful that our lives could be better? Imagine if every Filipino family has a chance to eat three times a day, able to send their children to school and have a stable job to support their family, how…show more content…
Miriam Defensor-Santiago to our country if she would be elected as our next president? According to her speech in the previous PCCI presidential forum, her platforms mainly focus in public highways, infrastructures, agriculture, the campaign against illegal drugs, anti-corruption, cutting the red tape, lowering the pollution, and reducing the traffic.( “What Santiago, Binay, Roxas, Poe told PCCI presidential forum,” n.d.) Indeed, Change is Inevitable! Believing that change is certain and sure to happen to our nation, if all Filipinos stand for unity and initiate the move today. The time has come to make a change - a change that would make a difference in the life of every Filipino. An opportunity that every Filipino deserves to attain is now at hand. This is to exercise the privilege to make the right decision, to make the right choice, and to choose the right figure who will lead a life worth living for every Filipino. Hence, in our hands and in our minds lie the CHANGE that every Filipino is dreaming of.

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