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America is known as the land of freedom and equality, but does that mean all American’s acquire equal rights? Gay marriage has been one of the most controversial debates of the century. William J. Bennett wrote an article trying to persuade people to view gay marriage as he does. The article he wrote is Against Gay Marriage and he is definitely a firm believer in that concept. Bennett raises foolish and unworthy objections to same-sex marriage, his argument lacks expert opinions, research, and commits a number of logical fallacies. Bennett’s (2011) main belief throughout the whole essay is “but I believe that overall, allowing same sex marriage would do significant, long term social damage”(409). He views the definition of marriage only to be between a man and a woman, and any alternative definition to be faulty. If this definition were ever to be shared with homosexuals, it would destroy the essence of true love between opposite sexes. Allowing same-sex marriage would ruin all youth and confuse them about their own sexuality. According to Bennett (2011) if homosexual…show more content…
Bennett (2011) starts off by briefly discussing about Hawaii’s new Supreme Court discovery dealing with the right of “legal union of same-sex couples”, which was quite intriguing (409). He does a phenomenal job at trying to show empathy toward the gay community by saying he understands how homosexuals are excluded and how it can be heart breaking. The organization of this article was a bit confusing to keep up with; he jumped around quite often from topic to topic without proper introductions at times. There were times are Bennett lacks on further elaborating on what he means in his article. For example, when he claims recognizing homosexual marriage would cause enormous repercussions he doesn’t explain how teaching children same-sex marriage as equal to heterosexual marriage will lead to

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