Essay About Same Sex Marriage In The Philippines

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I know that we live in a very judgmental and unequal world. A lot has fought for their rights and equality. The womenseeking for equal and fair judgment. Now, the LGBT community, which continues to increase and supporters, are battling for thesame cause. In the Philippines, same-sex marriage has been an issue following the RH bill, which was also a big topic in thecountry. There have issue circling the country that the next target of the senate is to legalize same-sex marriage. There peoplewho support the legalization as well as people who are not for the legalization Same sex marriage also known as gaymarriage or equal marriage it is marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender identity. Same sex marriagehere in the Philippines is not…show more content…
Parents must have a Very strong foundation of the family it can help the children to acceptwhat family he or she have , In terms of safety of the Filipinos citizens I have a fear of in the future the disease which is aidsHIV is scattered here in the Philippines because of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender I think it is one of the factor why samesex marriage is not legalized here in the Philippines Maybe I can suggest to use condom when having sex for the safety of ourhealth and our society. Legalizing of same sex marriage here in the Philippines is difficult to accept because there are a lot ofdiscrimination and also because Filipinos are racist. I realize that when the same sex marriage will be legalized the discriminationwill be less or it will be lost and the LGBT community will truly accepted by the society. And again Same Sex Marriage is not areligious issue, it is a human rights issue may be it can be legalized in the future but not in my time and this is my sociologicalperspective and opinion about same sex

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