How To Write A Narrative Essay About My Journey To America

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The roads were unpaved despite being in the city center and bomb craters were scattered across the streets and sidewalks. Rows of white tombstones decorated the hillside of the populated city situated within the mountains. These grave sites were common, about one every block, holding the remains of war casualties and those that were ethnically cleansed. New homes remained empty, failing to meet the new families that hoped to create a home of these now destructed buildings that were demolished by bombs. Anything that could have been salvaged of these homes were wounded by bullets. I came to this city hoping to reunite with the land that gave birth to me. I always imagined it to be beautiful and pristine. I thought of wonderful mountains with rivers flowing amongst them. I imagined the combination of Ottoman Empire and Austrian-Hungarian…show more content…
Rather than explaining it all to me, they allowed me to witness it with a first-hand experience with our first trip back to Bosnia since we fled. In this experience, I not only learned of my parent’s humble beginnings in villages deep within the mountains, but the reason why my parents wanted to flee. The unemployment rates were drastically high, the standard of living incomparable to our comfortable life in America, and the damages of war were still evident despite any reconstruction. An image that cannot escape my mind is the newly built homes that failed to join their hopeful inhabitants. These newly built buildings were as innocent as the people of the country and they witnessed the war damage as well. As these buildings didn’t have the option of fleeing, I felt responsible for them. I truly feel as if I was given the opportunity to reconstruct a new life in America so I could also have the ability to design new homes that would actually meet their

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