Reflection Essay: The Importance Of Enbackment In The Workplace

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I received a small amount of feedback from my peers, a lot of positive feedback saying they thought my essay was on the right track. I would say I took the most feedback finishing my essay from my classmate Taylor, who gave me good advice on how to step away from the essay for a little while and reflect on how my work can improve. Since I had a hard time choosing my main topic and also revising my own work after writing it, I felt this was very helpful. I always struggle to revise my essays; to me it always looks good, I can read it over and over again and see nothing wrong with it until someone points it out to me. One of the main challenges I faced while trying to develop my argument was that my argument I felt was not truly what I felt strongly about. I knew that I thought the new California law that was implemented recently raising the legal tobacco purchasing age to 21, would not stop everyone underage from using tobacco products and it also impeded some freedom from people who are considered an adult at 18. My original argument was that the law was a waste of time and unnecessary. But, I also, dislike the use of tobacco, I think it is horrible for the human body and it causes high levels of pollution…show more content…
But, before the essay was even close to being finished I liked a lot of what Jessica had said. She had given me a lot of positive feedback regarding my writing plan. She mentioned how I needed a more persuasive counter-argument and I used it to help develop a counter-argument that worked well with my essay. It was tough trying to write a counter-argument that still made my main argument seem to be more persuasive because I did have doubts about how well the new law in California and in other states would work. Since my original argument was how I think the new law was ultimately a waste of time and money. After much research and help from my peers I figured out the best route for my

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