Essay About Moving Away

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It had been so long since I had last been here. So long since I had last been with them. So long since I had seen it all. Regardless of the time that had elapsed, or the years that we had all aged, my return would erase any distance created, it would feel like I had never left. I knew it. The rectangular screen in front of me shows an atlas as our plane’s edging towards the destination. The picture of the plane trembles ever so slightly on its predetermined trajectory. The distance we have travelled is a solid line, the remaining miles merely a series of dashes. Suddenly the image alters and the screen is in Greek. I nervously stepped out of the car, as my neighbours stood waiting to greet us and welcome us back home. The long customs line, and the even longer drive had all seemed to have passed in a blur almost at the speed of light when compared down to this very moment. I stood there, thinking of how they were both women, yet…show more content…
They were my age when I'd left them. All of us had changed, our appearances having matured with age and developed with puberty, our hair varying from short and blond to long and highlighted, our bodies varying in mass... but the voices were the same. I was still the little girl who spent hours of each day and well into the night laughing and playing in their rooms, hardly ever in my own. Daily as a child I would venture to their house by myself. Without a sibling at the time, solitude was no anomaly. Just looking at it now I remembered everything. The time the boy had so rudely called their dad a fat man, the time the two played a prank on the eldest which resulted in a few stitches, the time the mother had called me a little gossiper for spilling my family's secrets as though my own. Up to the last time I sat on that porch.
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