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We must never forget! We the people of Athens must never forget the Thirty Tyrants! The Thirty Tyrants and their followers should live in infamy forever. We need to prevent the plaque of our society, those who sought to undermine us from getting away with what they have done. The reconciliation agreement wants us to forgive and forget what the Thirty Tyrants and their followers did to us, but this is something we cannot do. We must always remember the reign and terror of the Thirty, it is important to remember this time in our history so we can stop it from ever happening again. To keep Athens democracy strong as well as unite all Athenians we must rid our city of the Thirty Tyrants and all of their supporters. The Thirty Tyrants were elected by the Assembly under pressure from Sparta after the defeat of Athens in the War. Led by Critias, the Thirty Tyrants got rid of democracy. They limited citizenship, based on property qualifications, to 3,000 Athenians, who were never allowed to sit in the Assembly. In the short time…show more content…
Thrasybulus our leader in our war against tyranny should always be remembered for without him we, Athens, would not be what we are. I stood with Thrasybulus atop the mountain and fought for the opportunity to once again have an assembly as well as democracy. I know I was not the only one who fought alongside him, many men, slaves, and metics did too. Many of our men died for our right to be here today, families were torn apart. In honor of our fallen men we must keep our democracy strong or else all of our men who fought and died have done so in vain. Nothing I have to say will never be a greater sacrifice than what has already been given, the lives of our people. All of the men who died deserve justice and just forgiving the Thirty Tyrants does not do that, they need to be

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