Write A Narrative Essay About Moving Away

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Ok you see back at home when I got my house keys I had a place to put them on a hook in my closet right next to the clothes hanging up. I put my keys here so I would never lose them when somewhere in my room. It was easy to lose my keys in my room because it was often mess, so finding stuff when you drop it in there is not a good thing. One night when coming back home from a football game since I was in the marching band I was tired and I just decided to lay on my bed. I tossed my keys on the table instead of getting up and putting them on the hook which didn’t make much sense since the door into the room is closer to the closet where the hook is than the bed. When I woke up the next day my keys where gone and even when looking for them, I couldn’t find them anywhere in the room not even under the desk.…show more content…
When I got back home ran down the hall and took a left into the bathroom, I had regretted losing my keys that day. After using the bathroom, I brought the groceries in and I dug around in my room more and ended up finding the keys under my bed under some clothes. I regretted not putting the keys on the hook, but I didn’t learn my lesson from that you see back in high school again, I had an honors psychology class I had a big paper at the end of the semester. The class had to write a paper about someone approved by the teacher and diagnose them with a mental disorder. I ended up procrastinating instead of going on my study schedule of doing the paper little by little and having someone check the

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