Narrative Essay About Moving Away

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Chapter two I lifted the last box from the lorry with forced energy and carried it into the empty kitchen of my new home. The moment I placed the box down and the weight escaped my arms, I sighed. Thank god that’s over. I stood quiet in the centre of my kitchen. I didn’t realise I had as much stuff as I did until it was all in my tiny house. “That was the last box, Mum." I called hoping she heard me as I couldn’t be bothered to shout louder. She was somewhere in this house. Probably taking it upon herself to start unpacking my boxes. This was my new start. My new beginning. Lost in thought of how this new adventure is going to pan out, my mum had stepped back into the room. She was staring at me with a content smile. "I'm so proud of you, darling."…show more content…
I loosely returned her hug. Her embrace was full of emotions. Her daughter has left home; not just home but the country. London was my home, that's where I was brought into the world and I never dreamed of moving away. I found comfort in the hustle and bustle of the city. The roar of the buses, the hum of the constant electricity surging through the underground lines – even the horns of pissed off drivers that stupidly decided to try and drive through London. It was all part of the atmosphere. I never thought I’d want to leave all that behind but after returning from the hospital and not having any recollection of what happened to get me there in the first place, I just couldn’t go back to normal. My counsellor said that sometimes, when an event is too traumatic for you to emotionally deal with, your mind
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