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Djahn Dubenion Mr. Gherna U.S world history 15 December 2014 I feel that there were multiple reasons why the colonist came to the new world. The most influential reasons is the stamp act this is what made the colonist put there foot down and decide not to be under king George the thirds rule. This essay will show some key facts on how the stamp act is a key player in the colonists moving to the Americas. My essay is on why I feel that the stamp act is one of the most important documents on why the colonist considered themselves other than British subjects. My essay will show key points on why I feel this way. I feel that the colonist felt that nobody was standing up for them they did not have anyone in the British government to represent them. Another thing is that after taxing the colonists goods the king decided to tax there tea this infuriated them. The colonist…show more content…
The colonist put there foot down and boycotted items to make the king start losing money. The colonist didn’t see why they should be getting taxed twice on items that people use everyday such as cards, magazines, and documents. John Adams, Samuel Adams and John Hancock all were voicing their opinions in political circles. Other ways that the colonist revolted was by guiding a group of men through secret violent demonstrations. The sons of liberty tore down the tax collectors house showing that they can’t be taxed without representation. Around 1765 the stamp act was put to into place. Around the same time the colonist felt that if they moved over to the new world why should they have to pay British taxes. That is like America funding for a war on us it just doesn’t make any since. But the British king made the colonist pay for the war by using there weapons to enforce the tax. The colonist drafted the declaration of rights and grievances which said how they were against the policies of the

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