Brief Summary Of The Documentary Food Inc.

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The documentary “Food Inc.” has shed light upon the food industry of the US and the food people are eating in a daily basis, and the results are astounding. In this fast pace of the world, everything has been materialized. Nobody cares about the lives of not only animals but people themselves. This documentary reveals the bitter fact how the food industries have been playing with the lives of people. In US, most of the meals contain a large portion of meat and meat industry is aware of this fact. As a result, meat industry has gained a lot of profits by using cheaper means to produce low quality meat. In the video, they show an example of the poultry industry where the chickens are being fed with antibiotics that cause rapid growth. However, the growth is abnormal and unhealthy. Similarly, the food industries have to come up with an artificial ways to solve food problems. The solution that the food industry came up with to mitigate E. coli bacteria is flabbergasting. Instead of feeding the animals’ natural grass, meat industry treated the meat with ammonia which is definitely not the best solution.…show more content…
As farm policies passed in United States mainly focus on food that is made from commodity crops, healthy foods have become a lot more expensive than the fast food in the dollar menu. Not only the foods in the dollar menu are cheaper but also get rids of hunger compared to healthy food for the same price. As a result, most of the children from poor families are suffering from obesity. According to documentary, children nowadays are suffering from diabetes which was rare before 2000.Food industries have been altering the natural cycle of the environment by taking shortcuts to get large amount of products in a short time. This alteration in the nature produces greenhouse gases that causes environmental problems like climate

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