Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

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The question at hand is will using Nuclear energy benefit South Africa’s environment or will it cause more damage than good. The aims for this research is to explore both the benefits and the disadvantages of Nuclear energy. This environment is sacred, emitting radiation into the atmosphere can be a dangerous venture but some countries use Nuclear energy as their alternative energy source. No problems have risen apart from Chernobyl in Ukraine and Fukushima in Japan. Huge amounts of nuclear radiation were emitted into the atmospheres and caused massive disasters with nobody being able to live in Chernobyl as the environment was affected hugely. If that were to happen in South Africa not only would the environment be affected but also the economy of the country, however, my focus will be on Nuclear energy and how it will affect the environment. It is also known that Nuclear energy stations and reactors can last for more than ten years at a time without having to adjust, if the safety measures are installed, no problems are risen. Nuclear energy is highly intriguing as it is only sustainable energy…show more content…
It is mostly one-sided as it doesn’t explore the good side of Nuclear energy usage which makes the article biased towards the one side. The article unfortunately does not give more insight on how this particular energy type affects the environment and leaves a questionable impression such as, the writer states that: “Nuclear stations also eject hot contaminated water and chemical products into the watercourses, seriously threatening the aquatic fauna and flora” (Chameleon, South Africa's Nuclear Future, N.a). The writer does not state which flora and fauna get affected, there are no names of which and what type of chemical products contaminate the watercourses. This showing the vagueness of the

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