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Tips for Valentine’s Date Night Makeup The most romantic night of the year deserves a special makeup. If you want to wow your partner on Valentine’s Day, then I got just the right makeup tips to help you look super sexy and sweet on your date night. Go for the gold Gold is the colour of luxury and it definitely adds a bit of extra glamour to your look when you wear it as part of your makeup. The most sensual way to use gold is by adding it to your eye makeup. The golden eyes are easy to create as well. Fill your upper lash line and the lower waterline with your chosen eyeliner. Keep the line relatively defined. Then just add a golden eye shadow over the lid, extending the shade on the outer corners. You can also add a light stroke underneath the bottom lashes. Pair khaki eyes with pink lips…show more content…
The two shades add plenty of sweetness and a touch of mystery to your makeup – perfect combination for a Valentine’s Day. Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Earth Angel comes with a lovely olive colour, which can be blended around your eye. The palette also has a taupe shade, which you can use to highlight the centre of the lid and the inner corner of your eye. You can also line the upper lash line with a dark brown liner. Finish off the look with your favourite pink lipstick or lip stain. Brighten it up with blue You shouldn’t avoid brighter colours in your eye makeup. For Valentine’s Day an electric blue eyeliner would add just the right electrifying element. Line your tip lids with a black gel liner first. Then use a bright blue liner, such as the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner XL in I-24, only on the lower lash line. Add lots of mascara and use a nude or rosy blush on the cheeks and the lips. Shock with the

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