Essay About Hard Work

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Have you ever thought you have gotten something you do not deserve? I am very hard working and I know hard work will get me a long way in life. I have been recognized for plenty of things in my life. Most of the things I have been acknowledged for were very small to me. Such as cleaning my room, keeping my grades up, being respectful to myself and others are only a few things that are expected of me. My parents have always had high expectations for me and my sisters. Sometimes the smaller more simple things in life mean more to a person than the big things. One significant experience from my life is being accepted into the National Honors Society. It makes me happy when I feel like I deserve what’s coming to me. I realized it feels great when you work for what you want and everything is not given to you. In this situation, it is weird how the smallest things can make me happy, especially when I notice I really earned them. Like Mark Twain said “How little a thing can make us happy when we…show more content…
I learned to not settle for less and work towards my own goals instead of everything being handed to me. Rightfully working for something and earning the benefits from it will help you earn confidence within yourself. For instance, being in the Honors Society gave me confidence that I can one day be the top of my class. Taking care of responsibilities, such as my chores, maintaining grades or being a team player are things that make me happy. They make me happy because I work hard to earn the accolades. Not working for something will lead you to not appreciating it as much. Just like Mark Twain said, “How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it.” There are many things I think I have gotten that I do not deserve, but after all others help me notice that I deserve everything I have earned. In short I am in agreeance with Mark Twain that hard work rewards one’s
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