Children's Role In Family Curchase Decision Making

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In the process of purchase decisions making family members play different roles. According to conducted studies in this field, these roles are different in different stages, for example where to buy, what brand to buy and how much to spend. Nowadays, because of children‘s market importance, kid‘s become one of the most influential agent in family. Many years ago if child‘s role was ignored in the process of purchasing, now they impact almost on every decision stages about family purchasing, of course their level of influence are different, it depends on children‘s age, family and product type. Szybillo and Sosanie (1977), in their study about family decision making processes, observed that all family members, including children were greatly…show more content…
Research was focused on how much children‘s impact are perceived and in what ways children influence on family decision making. Results showed that parents perceive children to have mild influence on decision making. Parents perceive themselves as deciding units, but in this "decisive vote" parents take into consideration children's experiences. Children have substantial influence in various ways , directly and indirectly, consciously and unconsciously (Gram Malene 2007).…show more content…
Nelson‘s research, to compare all stages - children have higher influence in initiation and information search stages and this influence was decreased in instrumental decision stage - how much to spend, but according to (Belch et al.,1985; Darley and Lim, 1986) children can influence such decisions, such as color, brand, model and others (Kaur and Singh, 2006 „Children in Family Purchase Decisions“). Many studies showed that American children are mostly influential in problem recognition and search stage (Szybillo and Sosanie 1977), in contrast, according to Williams and Veeck (1998) in China, children are expected to influence in all decision stages, according to this study in China children have overwhelming influence on food buying decision in their families, also children‘s impact increase during purchasing products, which‘s primary users are kids.

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