The Flaming Lips 'Creating Our Own Happiness' By Wayne Coyne

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“Creating Our Own Happiness” is an oral essay by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Coyne begins by remembering a time where he was warm and happy in his car when he saw a poor couple struggling to keep warm. The couple’s shocking laughter among the cold conditions at first surprises Coyne, but leads to a revelation about the state of happiness. Coyne begins to realize that happiness is not created by the conditions people find themselves in, but by their attitude within those conditions. By comprehending the ability humans possess to create their own happiness; Coyne also discovers that it gives humans the power to help themselves, which is an empowering belief. The essay then concludes with a song from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, an album by The Flaming Lips.…show more content…
The basis of her argument is if she truly believes that God and the Bible are the only perfect resources for the ways of men, then she must also trust that he is the creator of all men. If the same God creates all men, Dawson argues that this means all men are brothers. Because all men are part of the same family, Dawson sees this as the reason all people should be treated as equal and why she should work to end segregation. Dawson also reasons that the fight against discrimination should be performed with love, because God is love. Dawson concludes that home and hard work are essential to happiness, and that God is the answer to every

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