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Informational Essay Structure (Toasters) Highlight Thesis *Introduction: Hook or Strong Statement- A toaster is a electrical device used for making toast. Backstory/Bridge- Tools, gadgets, and technology help make everyday life easier. Toasters are taken for granted because they are often used in everyday life and by many people. If we realized how helpful and efficient toasters are, cooking food would get faster for everyone. Thesis- The gadget of a toaster makes everyday life easier by toasting food fast, easily changing temperature and its portable. *Body/Quality One: transitional word Restate Quality- To begin, toasting food fast is one reason why a toaster is helpful in everyday life. Support (2 pieces)- When…show more content…
Support (2 pieces)- Temperature can be easily changed so food can be the desired temperature. Temperature can be changed so food isn't overcooked or undercooked. Paragraph 2- Most importantly, reason two is toasters easily change temperature. The temperature that a toaster cooks food at can be easily changed with just the push of a button. It is changed to get the desired temperature to cook the food at. It is also important that the temperature be changed easily because the food could be overcooked or undercooked. *Body/Quality Three: transitional sentence or word Restate Quality-Lastly, the third reason is that a toaster is portable. Support (2 pieces)- A toaster can be put just about anywhere. A toaster can be put away when food is finished cooking. Paragraph 3- Beyond easily changing temperature, toasters are portable. They can be moved easily and efficiently. A toaster can be put just about anywhere when there is an outlet and a surface to put it on. If someone has limited space they can put the toaster in a cupboard or in the closet to store it and get it out of the way. Unlike an oven if you are moving, a toaster can move

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