Victoria Carter Character Analysis

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In the world we live in today, the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor. In other words the higher class will Remain on the top while the lower class will always stay at the bottom. It's unlikely for the rich to even associate with the poor yet alone get involved in their lives. It's also unlikely and very uncommon for the rich to marry from the poor or the poo to get married to the rich. The ideas of segregation between the rich and the poor have been passed down from generation to generation and is the still going on today. But when the heart falls in love doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor. The Carter family was on of the richest and most well-known families in Los Angeles. The Carter family had everything at owned…show more content…
Olivia’s Father mainly through this party because he was looking for a wealthy young man to get engaged to his daughter Olivia. Olivia on the other hand did not care about how much man owned or how much money he has. after all she knew that almost any man that tried to propose or ask for her hand only did it because she was the wealthiest girl in all of Los Angeles. Victoria Carter, Olivia's mom picked out a very beautiful and expensive dress for Olivia to wear in her party. Olivia didn't really like the dress because she felt it was too extra but she didn't want to upset her mom by saying no so she decided to just wear the…show more content…
Olivia found herself Under Steven's house and she couldn't explain why. Steven was more than happy to let her in. they started to talk again but this time instead of half an hour they talked for hours. Olivia started to like Stevens lifestyle and the idea that he was in charge of himself and the free man. Olivia also started to notice that Stephen does not own much did not have much money and he was certainly not as wealthy as she was. when it started to get late Olivia left Stevens house only to tell him that you will come again the next day, and so she did. they got to know each other better and better as the days went by but one day things didn't go well for Olivia. while she was leaving Steven's house her cousin Matthew saw her coming out of the house. Matthew always loved Olivia and he dreamed one day he would marry her. her cousin Matthew quickly ran to her Father Peter and told him about everything he had saw and how she was getting out of a man's house. When Peter found out about what his daughter was doing and who the man that was with her really was he decided to confront

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