English Linguistic Imperialism

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English as a Lingua Franca Yoonmin Kim Extended Essay English Group 3 Advisor: Mr. Young Word Count: Maximum length 4000 words (40 hours) 2016. 2. 11. To what extent does English linguistic imperialism affect Asian indigenous cultures? Language: English Title: English as a Lingua Franca Topic: Social and Cultural Impact of English as an International Language in Asia Research Question: To what extent does English linguistic imperialism affect Asian indigenous culture? Going through old photo albums always brings on pure nostalgia for me; I cannot help but recall the days of my childhood I spent in Quebec, Canada, a place where part of my identity resides. This experience helped to broaden my understanding and enthusiasm towards…show more content…
The purpose of the transfer is fundamentally a demonstration of power. In the past, this linguistic power arose from military rule; however in the modern world, it arises from economic dominance. In the linguistic transfer, not only the language is transmitted but the dominant culture is also transferred along with the language. This is because language is part of culture, and this is manifested by cultural imperialism within the context of linguistic imperialism. Language and culture are fundamentally interconnected, and as such, language wholly conveys the knowledge and tradition that is purely developed through distinct culture and beliefs in particular society. Anthropologist and linguist Edward Sapir and his pupil Benjamin Whorf created the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which states that how we look at the world is largely determined by our thought processes, and our language limits our thought processes. It follows that our language shapes our reality. Since the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis theorizes that our language shapes our perspective of the world, it follows that people who speak different languages have different worldviews. Sapir-Whorf hypotheses can be broken down into two principles: linguistic determinism, and linguistic relativity. Linguistic determinism is the idea that language determines thought, therefore different languages impose different…show more content…
Instead, other philosophies of language became popular. For example, Steven Pinker's The Language Instinct popularized Noam Chomsky's theory that language is an innate faculty of mind, asserting that language was evolved by natural selection as an adaptation for communication. Pinker criticizes several widely held ideas about language – that it needs to be taught, that people's grammar is poor and getting worse with new ways of speaking, the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis that language limits the kinds of thoughts a person can have, and that other great apes can learn languages. Pinker sees language as unique to humans, that it is as much an instinct as specialized adaptive

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