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Mengqi Ou: Question 4) Compare and contrast at least three differences or similarities between Canada and China Title: Comparison analysis on two countries: China and Canada 1. Introduction In Canada, Asians immigrants account for the majority of the total number of immigrants; for example, in Toronto area, there are more than 400,000 immigrants are Chinese. (Slides from Toronto Lecture, page 4). Canada gradually becomes an immigrant country and absorbs varied cultures from different parts of the world. Especially for Chinese immigrants, when they first step into this continent, there may be some special concerns raise up when Chinese immigrants move in Canada, they will probably make a comparison with China, such as parental rearing behaviours, more political regional issues and the culture of aboriginal. China and Canada, one is an eastern country with more than 5,000 years culture and history; the other one is a well-developed western…show more content…
Firstly, Canadian aboriginal people suffered unfair treatment until now. From the lecture of First Nations, residential school was the nightmare of aboriginal people; even until now, there are still some aboriginal people are not being well treated. (Slides from First Nations lecture). Some aboriginal people are missing under the protection law today. Comparing to China, minorities have special protections and privileges in some aspects such as the college entrance examination. Government put forward complete legislations to protect the minorities in different areas. They have their own languages, cultures, identities; predominantly agricultural way of life. In general, aboriginal people in Canada are very similar with the aboriginal people in China, however, the way that government treat are not quite similar. That is the essential difference between these two aboriginal

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