Sixth Grade Graduation Speech

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Congratulations to my fellow classmates. We finally did it: we made it through middle school! Oh, middle school the journey that doesn’t come with a map, a plan, or even a clue of what’s going on. Dr. Seuss once said,“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.” This quote reminds me how I was in sixth grade and I am today: trying to steer myself a certain direction. As Mr. Black says it is our last years of practice and then games begin, but I am worried I won’t remember the plays. Then I take a step back and remember where the class of 2022 was at the beginning of the journey. Let’s begin, sixth grade, everyone was searching for the fastest route to success, but little did we know it wasn’t going to be around the next bend. Sixth grade was filled with so many Big Bertha packets, mile days, and “can you’s?” that my head could explode. In other words, we were all little balls of stress. I would see seventh and eighth graders and they looked like they had it together and knew where their next step should be. As a little sixth grader, I didn’t know where they got the secret map that showed them where to go,…show more content…
This year our class has grown more than just too good friends, but into a family. In Catalina on top of the cliffs, we came together as a grade to bond and talk about how we have come so far. We had come so far from day one as insecure, ignorant sixth graders to level-headed, strong eighth graders. Our roads had the ups and downs but now we had people to join us in the rollercoaster. Now when I go to lunch I see everyone from all different friend groups together playing foursquare, and when there are too many people we play 9 square, then 12 square and then we have to make teams! It was refreshing for me to see everyone wanting to be together and it has created a tighter bond in our grade. This eighth-grade family has gone through its ups and

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