Woong Lhakhang Case Study

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Historical background There is no written record about the temple Thekchok Kuenzangcholing Goenpa until now. According to Tshering (2016), during early 16th century, there was a man who was extraordinary looking both physically and mentally. He was the most powerful man in the community and ill-treated the people. He was the lord of the Woong Pangthang Dzong. At the same time, there was another powerful man in Sharli. Once there was a struggle between two men, lord of a community. During that Lord of Woong Pangthang was killed by the lord of Sharli Khar dzong. It was said that there was no one from the Lord of Woong Pangthang side because of his aggressiveness. So he lost the battle and power. From that the place Woong Pangthang was called Dzonglen Goenpa, an abbey of snatch fortress and still the place is called Dzonglen Poktor by the people of Tshatsi. The Lord of Sharli Khar couldn’t live longer since his soul was taken by the death spirit of Lord of Dzonglen Goenpa. “It was believed that the Lord was the son of…show more content…
It would be highly grateful and would be helpful to the future generation to know about the history of the temple, significance of the statues, and religion practiced. For example, if they could find the significance of the Different names of the temple. Because I could not interview with many people and the person I interviewed are not in the position to justify about this particular question. There is also not research done in the temple since it is newly built even though there is great history surrounded. In addition, for the future researcher, I also would like to suggest that if they find the reason for not able to cultivate crops around the ruin Dzong before. Moreover, if they could also research of the annual festival since there is a unique festival. I couldn't attend annual festival since I had to leave for

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