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Archiving your dreams and find the path to your own future, it is hard, it might be hard when life comes in the way. Sonia knows all about this, as she takes the part as the lead character in Allison Moore’s short story Eastmouth from 2014. The young woman is trapped in a destiny, where she is just as far in, as she will ever be out. The short story is written in a third-person narrator. The story is told through Sonia’s eyes, as she is the narrator, though the information and point of view are limited. The story is introduced in medias res, which means the reader is thrown into the story and the attention is pointed at the text, which is also written in an external point of view. Sonia and her boyfriend Peter are studying at a University together. They are back for summer break at Peter’s parents home. Peter’s mother seems very happy for the young couple, and wishes they would stay together. She is talking and sort of pushing Sonia to start a life in Eastmouth. Sonia, on the other hand, is dismissive of her ideas. This is seen clearly in the text. “I think Peter’s glad to be home,” says Sonia…show more content…
She is surprised that Peter’s mother does not know this. (p.3, l.51-54) and “I wasn’t planning on staying long,” says Sonia (p. 3, l. 61) Sonia is very specific that she is not saying for good, and that she is going to Las Vegas. The trip is weighted higher than a future with Peter in Eastmouth. The town, or more a village, Eastmouth is located near the coast. Peter is glad to be back, and he had missed all the details about this town. Sonia is far from satisfied with the village, and she has not been satisfied on the train ride there as well. Sonia discovers that the village has a terrible view; no other land is visible from the promenade. This could symbolize her loneliness. Feeling like the only human in miles, with no help from anyone

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