Yakult Factory History

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Brief history of the company/factory. Dr. Minoru Shirota of the Medical Faculty, Kyoto University in Japan strongly believed in the concept of “preventive medicine” (prevention is better than cure), and “healthy intestines lead to long life” (as the intestine is where we absorbed all nutrients needed). Based on that philosophies, he discovered Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain, a special type of good bacteria in 1930. Dr. Shirota search for a strain bacteria that could boost intestinal health and protect from disease and also strong enough to survive the stomach acid and bile so that it can reach the intestine alive. He came up with Yakult, a cultured drink with this good bacteria. The first Yakult was born on 1935 in Japan. At Japan, variety of product produced not only cultured drink but also food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic. Yakult arrived in Malaysia in 2004 whereby Yakult Factory was operated at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Malaysia’s factory produce only two product of cultured drink where in 2004, the only product produce by the factory are Yakult Ace and in 2009 the second product produced is Yakult Ace Light. The product has the same original flavor but different in type of sugar. Yakult Ace use Sucrose meanwhile Yakult Ace Light use Fructose. Today, Yakult is available in 32 countries and territories worldwide. What…show more content…
They consume the milk’s lactose, producing Lactic acid which makes the milk more acidic or sour and thus creating the best climate for the curd to form. The more acidic the milk becomes, the easier it is for the curd to expel the whey. They also play a key role in the aroma, texture, and flavour generated as the cheese is matured. As milk naturally has bacteria, if left too long it will naturally sour and curdle, if left uncovered and warm it will pick up airborne bacteria and quickly become

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