An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Analysis

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Essay Three – Comp II Explanations and meanings of stories are usually hidden between the lines where readers cannot find them when they first read. However, after having time to look over the story, the theme and other explanations are revealed more easily. For example, in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce, it seemed that the story just led to a basic beginning to end life story, but it had a turnaround for what actually happened to the man being hanged. The author puts the point of view in a drawn out expanse for the word “now.” The moment given to the man that the author writes about also has an input to the theme of the story. Each part of the story fulfills a successful way of describing what the author wants to establish, and each successful way draws the perfect conclusion of what he wants to have for why he wrote the story to begin with. The author begins the story with the start of the end of Peyton Farquhar’s life. He writes about how Farquhar “stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama” while having a rope around his neck and hands…show more content…
Using a multitude of thoughts and theoretical actions to describe what Farquhar wanted, helped connect the theme together by going back to the exact moment when he fell from the bridge. Bierce was forced to have the main character to die to have his meaning exploited correctly and for it to even be there. Evening though we could be a normal person from a decent area, unexpected situations occur when people least expect it. Relating to Farquhar, everyone wants the best outcome without punishment, but instead we suffer the consequences just as he did. To conclude, it is also very interesting to see that the third person point of view was the only way to tell the story. The theme is even more relatable because to write this story, the author would have to relate to it somehow to fulfill the entire

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