Pink Boots And A Machete By Mireya Mayor Narrates

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In the book ‘Pink Boots and a Machete’ Professor Mireya Mayor narrates her autobiography. In this book she explains that she did not take the typical scientists' route. The thrill of exploration was something that was deeply embedded in her soul. She was raised in a much protected family, and as a little girl she wanted to go camping, but her mother disapproved because she thought it was far too dangerous. So, yes this scientist went from a girl that wasn’t able to camp to a later on scientist who spends almost all her time in the jungle. As a girl she was also a cheer leader. So, we can now have a vivid image of how all these odds were against her of becoming a prominent scientist. On her first expedition she went to South America, and as soon as she stepped foot there, she fell in love with the forest. She considered herself really fortunate, because she found animals that previously nothing was known about them. Those were animals never documented. Because of that she narrates explicitly that this was…show more content…
They were following a group of gorillas when suddenly a teenager gorilla started annoying his father, and finally the dad completely lost it. But, then comes the mother part, she started yelling at the father, which she later on took her son and left. She did not come back, and that is actually a very rare thing to happen, because apes usually sleep together. As a result of this, the father started crying which is somehow obnoxious, because I never thought a strong animal such as this one, could ever weep on anything. Maybe this concept is relatively odd, because apes are usually portrayed as ruthless, merciless creatures. This really got to me, because she vividly explained that apes are emotional creatures that never do harm to anyone unless threatened. Tell the story in short, the family got reunited, and the worked it

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