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SWOT analysis model is a tool that is used in most cases by business in developing their strategy. It is used to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats hence making it easy for the organization to determine what it should avoid in its actions. But at the same time, the technique can be applied by professionals in determining the strategy that best suits them in their career development. In this SWOT analysis, the main elements are determined about the role of a professional real estate agent. Strengths As a professional, I have a solid understanding of real estate taxation. Unlike other forms of corporate and personal tax, real estate taxation is complex in one way or another. Any professional agent who seeks to…show more content…
In case of an emergency that requires that an extensive amount of investment is used, I will not manage to get the money from my savings. As an agent, it is important to have some savings so that in case of a job that requires huge investment, there will be less need to acquire finances through loans. The other form of weakness is that I have little knowledge in property management. The area of property management is growing in the real estate field, and individual agents are making sure that they develop their skills in this area through training. The element of property management entails the control, oversight, and operations of real estate. Professionalism dictates that I need to have extensive knowledge of this important practice. The other form of weakness is my lack of an office with the back office staff. The fact that in most cases I meet clients in arranged locations make it difficult for them to understand the nature of my business and whether I can handle the work that has been highlighted in my profile. It is important for an agent of high caliber to have an operation space with full-time backroom…show more content…
When the interest rates are high, most people will prefer to put their investment in banks and earn interests rather than putting it in real estate. At the same time, it is expensive to get loans from the banks and using it to invest in real estate. The continued rise in the interest rates will negatively influence the nature of the operation in our industry. High competition is another threat that I face while operating in my area. Several agencies are recruiting extensively which opens up the market to cut-throat competition. The fact that I have not acquired my brokerage license means that I will have to change several elements of my work to compete effectively. When the competition is stiff, the cost of operation goes up regarding advertising and finding clients (Steenwyk, 2014). With the limited budget and low level of savings in my firm, the future will not be very easy to sail through. The business requires that operations will be fluent only if I have adequate cash flows. At the moment, I have the strain in my cash flows and most cases been forced to borrow to meet the shortfall. When an institution is short in cash flow, at times, clients and suppliers tend to avoid them (Lerena, 2016). It is critical at this point that my business gets a better way of raising its cash flows or be pushed out of business due to stiff

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