Reflective Essay On Classroom Management

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Classroom management is the key to conduct a successful learning environment, and watching this video, especially the two scenarios, triggers a flash back in memory. In my last secondary year, I was to some extent ‘Ella’. Although I had a high academic level and was an ideal student in majority of my classes, I used to misbehave in Math session. I actually had an agreement with the teacher that I stay at the principals’ office till his session is over. Mathematics actually was the only subject that I couldn’t understand or engage in its curriculum. My grades were always below average and it felt upsetting not being able to accomplish any task. The teacher on the other side used his legitimate power (T. Tauber, 2007) to control me. Whenever…show more content…
But, it did not mention any theoretical framework for selecting a Discipline model. We have to adopt those successful shown tactics for engaging all students into learning and inspire them to behave properly. Nevertheless, it is equally essential to influence them by our method of teaching. Personally, my most unforgettable instructors, where those who created supportive and facilitating environment to nurture our inner motivation for discipline. We totally committed to their instructions and worked with them in respect and gratefulness. According to Wolfgang and Glickman they are the non-interventionist or humanist referring to Roger (T. Tauber, 2007). Thus, it is crucial to shed light on selecting such discipline model next to instructional strategies. Classrooms indeed can be managed by holding into a theory that reflects our philosophy and influence our students. Only by then we will be capable to succeed as teachers’ by clearly setting what we intend to adopt as theories in order to overcome our fears and establish suitable expectations and

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