Equatorial Guinea

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Hospitals and clinics in the United States and Equatorial Guinea are very different. Those in the U.S. have modern technology and facilities, while in Equatorial Guinea, the healthcare system is less well developed. In addition, customer service in the United States is much better than in Equatorial Guinea. This paper will compare and contrast the health care systems in the U.S. and Equatorial Guinea, by looking at the use of technology and facilities and customer service in typical hospitals and clinics in both the U.S. and Equatorial Guinea. Like other aspects of life, such as social welfare, labor and education, health care had gone home and the institution it was much more organized, developed and bureaucratic. This change was driven by new technologies and practices that…show more content…
It was reported that the patient was doing well, and the researchers plan in the course of next year to offer therapy to 12 others. As a result, this type of behavior creates and environment that welcomes intelligence and creativity; the mentality of work is commonplace in developed countries like The US. It creates participatory democracy with high education policy as the cover letter. There is not unknown towards political rhetoric but by programs and results that give its management is chosen. There, they do not marry a party, marry a program. However, in countries like Equatorial Guinea, even though there are a slight change the most dangerous illnesses that people such diseases such as cancer, eating or mental disorders are not the most worrying there; since there are other diseases that cause most deaths. The concern is that these diseases could be eradicated more easily than those that attack the inhabitants of the first world (as they people call it), but because of the technological gap there is still a concern about these commonly called third world

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