Guinia Pigs Case Study

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Guinea Pigs What? Why? Diet Guinea pigs can not have any seeds. Guinea pigs live mandarin oranges every once in awhile. Guinea pigs need to be fed 1 cup of fruits or veggies per day, lots of hay, and ⅛ cup of pellets. Are guinea pigs social? Guinea pigs require attention and TLC. The happiest guinea pigs result in pairs. If you are looking to have a pair of guinea pigs then you need to get two of the same gender or get your male fixed. Bathing your guinea pig Get a special guinea pig soap so it dosen’t hurt her eyes. Get rub in soap that you rub into them.( optional) Only fill up the tub so they can touch the bottom. The proper cage The bigger the cage the more guinea pigs you can have. The cage size depends on how many guinea pigs you have. Guinea pigs need a cage that they can move freely in. Playing with your guinea pigs If you have a…show more content…
They need to play outside when it is not hot, not cold, but when it is warm. Caring For Your Guinea Pig By : Layla Menzies Stevens Did you know that guinea pigs love bananas? Do you have a guinea pig or are planning to get a guinea pig? If you said yes, then this is the passage for you. Guinea pigs need a lot of attention and if it is not given to them they won’t have a chance at life. Guinea pigs need some TLC.( Tender Loving Care) The Proper Cage First of all, your guinea pig’s cage should be as big as a wagon or more. The more guinea pigs you have then the bigger cage you need. To go along with that, if you have more than one guinea pig then you need a bigger cage. The guinea pigs need a cage that they can move freely in and not one that they are cramped into. Also, the cage should have a sheltered place for your guinea pig to hide in and a place for it’s food to go. Are Guinea Pigs Social?

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