Multiple Nuclei Model

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The multiple nuclei model is also known as Harris and Ullman Multiple Nuclei Model. As shown in Figure 1, this model suggests that the land use pattern is built not around a single centre 13 but around several discrete nuclei. On that note, smaller business district acts as satellite nodes, or nuclei, of activity around which land use pattern formed. This model based on the notion that central business district (CBD) was losing its dominate and primacy as the nucleus of urban areas. However, it differed from other two by its abandonment of the CBD as a sole focal point to the existence of number of discrete nuclei around which individual land uses were geared. According to Ullman (1945), this model is mostly based on the condition of the location…show more content… Formal Areas Port Moresby city Port Moresby was initially set up as the administrative and commerce centre for Papua New Guinea. Downtown Port Moresby is the central business district (CBD) of Port Moresby city with high rise office complex and commercial buildings for different business activities. The city is evidently showing concentric model. Hence, the CBD is surrounded by the very high rental housing market concentrating on Touguba and Paga Hill transforming the city image to become a modern city. Further out from the central city, there are few industries and warehouse particularly towards Konedobu in the north and Koki area in the west along the Ela Beach road. We see a continuing invasion and succession of land use patterns in accordance with concentric ring theory. 15 In the application of sector theory to Port Moresby. The suburbs like Gordons, Boroko, Gerehu, Hohola, and Taurama are expanding in the wedge with effective road transport link. In these areas, high rise building for offices, commercial activities and shopping malls are in the central location. In addition, the residential housing units of all grades and classes are…show more content…
It has quickly developed into one of the nuclei of Port Moresby city in the last 15 years. Waigani lies along Waigani Drive and becomes the terminal points for most major roads in the city including Freeway connecting town and Fly Over connecting airport which provide easy access to all main centers in the city. There are more offices for private and public sectors, shopping centres including vision city shopping mall, commercial buildings, banks, market, hotels and recreational and world class sporting avenues. The hill side of Waigani is surrounded by different classes of the residential housing market for high-income earners. Some are newly built, others are existing ones and redevelopment. The suburbs of Morata, Rainbow, Erima, Taurama, Sabama, Tokarara, North Waigani, 5 mile, 8mile, 9mile and 14 mile are recently becoming the producers of more medium and high income residential housing stock for renting and owning in the city. Towards the periphery are mostly customary land that is occupied by the indigenous land owners of Motu and Koitabu villages. However, Most of these lands were taken either forcefully

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