Guinea Pigs As Pets

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Guinea Pigs as pets can be either wonderful or not your sort of thing. There are some points (okay a lots of points!) to consider before rushing to the pet shop to get them, do not be impulsive. It is best to think thoroughly and be more organised and decide if they are the right pets for you. - Think about how much time, money, and attention you have to provide for them. - How much love and care you can give them (They need a lot of loving). - Is your home environment suitable for them? - Cavies are easy to handle and doesn't scratch or bite. They will need lots of loving handling and social interaction everyday through their lives, and YOU have to provide this. - Guinea Pigs are not nocturnal (sleep in the day time), so they will be…show more content…
* Piggies generally do not smell and are clean, however make sure you clean their environment at least once a week, twice if needed, otherwise it will impact their health. Have you got the time? Are you physically able? - Before you buy Guinea Pigs as pets, check that neither you or your family are allergy to them (skin rashes, runny nose/eyes, etc). Get your family to handle a cavy for a short while and watch for any reaction, be aware that allergy symptoms may not show up straight away. It is not fair to abandon or give away guinea pigs even though they pose health risks to your family. - Do you have other pets? A dog or a cat? They may be a threat as a predator to the pigs and can cause unnecessary stress to them. My aunt has a King Charles Spaniel and he is a big softie with my pigs although one of my friend has a Jack Russell and she wasn't keen with them. Make sure you can house them in a very safe environment and be careful with their 'floor time', always supervise and taking care Guinea Pigs aren't harmed. - Check with your landlord if you are allowed to have Guinea Pigs as pets in your

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