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Andrew “Andy” Warhola was born August 6, 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and he was the youngest of three children. When he was just a child, Andrew was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. Magazines and popular comic books helped him cope with this frightening disorder. Andrew went on to attend college at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he earned a degree in pictorial design. During these years, Andrew began to reinvent himself by changing his name. He eventually decided to drop the “a” from the end of his name, which formed the name Warhol. Andy Warhol was a very multitalented artist who dabbled in several different types of media in the art world. He loved to paint, and has painted multiple portraits of various celebrities. Some of Warhol’s media include silk printing,…show more content…
I love that he was a leader and he walked his own path in life. He took the norm and made it extraordinary with no regards to what was thought of him. Andy Warhol is the Superstar of his movement for mixed reasons and a multitude of ideas. Say what you would like about him, but there is no denying his skill nor genius in the art world. This artist contributed to the art world in a multitude of ways, from producing films, making music, hosting parties with the Hollywood celebrities, Owning his own night club and rock band. He also reinvented the way we all look at and appreciate different forms of art work. The fact that he was not reluctant to push his sexual preferences to the fore front of any conversation without a second thought was also a reason for me choosing this artist. Andy Warhol also had a mind of his own and would speak his mind without biting his tongue. He coined several different quotes and phrases that we still use today, such as, “15 minutes of fame” and “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best

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