Examples Of Environmental Racism

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Up until the 1960s, racism was still defined as an ideology or set of beliefs of one’s race or self. People believed that one race was deemed superior to the other; therefore it led to discrimination to those who they deemed inferior. Environmental racism on the hand has its connections to racism but is also different in my ways. Environmental racism is targeted towards low-income minorities that is within proximity of hazardous areas that contains toxic waste and pollution. Although at times environmental racism seems as if it is focusing on one race. However, intentionally for a number of reasons, some races are more likely to be present in more hazardous and dangerous locations. According to Dr. Deborah M. Robinson the victims of environmental…show more content…
Native American reservations have also been targeted for disposal firms. Some companies try to avoid state regulations target their landfill dumps next to Native Americans reservations. Environmental racism shows signs internationally in countries like Nigeria where the more than half of the civilian population live in poverty and half of the Delta Rivers are filling with oil due to country’s frequent oil spills. Most notable was Chernobyl, where there was one of the biggest nuclear meltdowns up to date occurred, the gruesome aftermath left many dead, either due to many cancer or ill related reasons. There are also reports in countries like Indonesia and Ecuador where 60 percent of the countries are victims of dumping dangerous and toxic substances that threatens the health of individuals particularly in low developing countries. Many communities resisted the discriminating and unlawful acts by the oil companies. In many cases, resistance members often had luck in the court, while some not so

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