Environmental Justice In Africa

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A hidden aspect of environmentalism is the idea of environmental justice where a particular section of society is made to bear the brunt of environmental exploitation because of their political and socio-economic status. One of the main principles of Environmental Justice is “Environmental justice opposes the destructive operations of multinational corporations.” (Carder, n.d.). So here I present the story of how a multinational, Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary) destructed the Niger Delta and the lives of the Ogoni People. Nigeria was a British Colony till the 1960s and all of Nigeria’s natural resources were controlled by the British. Native Nigerians never got a share of their own wealth. But after gaining…show more content…
Even if this case of the Niger Delta may be solved, another multinational will exploit another community somewhere else in the world. Till the time there is disparity in the power and resources available to people, the powerful will always exploit the weak. Yes there are organizations like the UN and Amnesty International who try to bring these issues to light and provide justice; still I don’t think it is possible to stop these multinationals. I believe rather than trying to stop these multinationals, it would be better for all parties involved if everyone was made part of the decision-making process and made responsible for the way they affect their environment. After completing this assignment, I realized that I might never be able to change the ways of the world. But I also realized that if I can bring these issues to the attention of more people and spread awareness about it, I can do my part and put some pressure on these multinationals to act responsibly in all the communities they operate in. References: Carder, E.F. (n.d.). The American Environmental Justice Movement. http://www.iep.utm.edu/enviro-j/#H4 Boele, R., Fabig, H., & Wheeler, D. (2001). A study in unsustainable development: The Story of Shell, Nigeria and the Ogoni People - Environment, Economy, Relationships: Conflict and Prospects for resolution.

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