Entrepreneurs: The Differences Between Success And Success

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“Success is never certain; failure is never final” (Robert H Schuller). The economy turns around .A lot of opportunities comes your way. The winter passes; the spring returns. And those who keep on keeping on ultimately survive successfully and, in the process, is an incredible inspiration to others to keep their battles fighting bravely too. Yes I am talking about the ‘Entrepreneurs’, they are inspiration for others because they try to anticipate the roadblocks and dare to take a risk to combat the failures that comes in the way of their success. Entrepreneurs truly understand the difference between success (winning) & failure .The difference between those who win & those who don’t is the application of a powerful concept of “possibility thinking “ winners dare to dream .They motivate and commit themselves to it .They dare to take a risk .They believe ‘if it’s going to be ‘its upto me’ . They understand that failure is not a lifetime event. They never quit. The…show more content…
There are five basic type of customers; (1)Innovator (2) Early adopter (3) Early majority (4) Late majority (5)Laggards Consumer behavior is defined by many types & pattern of consumer characteristic ,however entrepreneur can focus their attention on only two considerations :personal characteristics and psychological characteristics. The difference in social class ,income , occupation ,education time orientation are the few factors on which types of customer based . The customer evaluation or identification can provide an entrepreneur with a visual picture of the type of consumer to target for the sales

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