Case Study: Common Characteristics Of Entrepreneurship

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Question 1 A: Common Characteristics Entrepreneurs share: Leadership [CBN,2016] Leadership [CBN,2016]. According to [CBN,2016]: “Good management-keeping track of the structure and detail of what’s happening in an organization and making organizations as necessary-is obviously important, but leadership is something rarer and is what can really give companies the edge-this requires a personal connection and a vision that inspires people, that makes them work hard not because they have to but because they want to.” Perseverance [Resnick] “According to [Resnick]: “What makes entrepreneurs great is having the perseverance to grow regardless of how many times they are shut down. “ Resourcefulness [Resnick] “According to [Resnick]: “A vital ability…show more content…
Joe Dlamini: Has old contacts and uses them from the ICT industry. The Dlamini’s: They analyze and observe all the resources they have at their disposal and are not afraid to ask for advice from people. Leadership: Jane: Leader of many group boards and committees. Joe: Comes from a management and sales background. The Dlamini’s: They want to do more than just buy a management program they want to help people develop their skills. Perseverance: Jane: Identified a need to further her education after doing her masters and went on to do her masters. Joe: He pushed himself up and went from being a sales representative to being a sales manager. The Dlamini’s: They have not given up and held on to their idea of starting their own business regardless of the risk…show more content…
Differences between franchise and license agreements According to [Ontong,2015], a licensor usually has little or no operational control as to how licensee markets and distributes or utilizes the licensed product and a franchisor usually has tighter operational controls and prescribe show a franchisee operates their franchised business. According to [Ontong,2015], training and support in license arrangements is usually limited to product knowledge and a Franchisor offers extensive training on operating of the business as a whole.” [Ontong,2015] further explains that ongoing support is also offered and usually takes the form of a monthly visit from a franchisor representative. According to [Ontong,2015], an ongoing license fee usually payable-License agreement and Initial and ongoing franchisee fee payable, upfront franchise fee, monthly management service fee and national marketing fund contribution on monthly

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