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With overflowing love, kindness, and patience, dogs are welcomed by their new owners into their new homes. Whether the dog was from a shelter or a pet store, the dog wanders around; a little uncertain and careful at first, but more curiously once she gets a little bit familiar with her new home. For a lot of dogs, this is their reality. They will get adopted or bought by new owners and they will spend the first few days carefully getting to know them. If they’re lucky, they’d end up with a loving family and a forever home. But this is not true for all dogs. Mutts, or mixed breed dogs, are often on the short end of this overflowing love. Mutts are not loved nearly as much as pedigreed dogs; far too underappreciated by “dog lovers” who seemingly only love dogs with fancy-sounding pedigrees. We all know what happens to unwanted dogs in shelters. They get killed, euthanized, put down; so many different names that…show more content…
It’s something akin to the “Trolley Dilemma”, either they euthanize an unwanted dog or give up taking in more dogs in need. No-kill shelters are giving unwanted dogs loving homes The recent growing interest in adopting dogs from shelters are definitely getting more mutts into loving homes with families who love them just as they are and, though gradual, the general outlook on mixed breed dogs are changing too. In a way, no-kill shelters have contributed to this. Because they don’t kill unwanted dogs, they advertise them on their various platforms. Instead of focusing on a dog’s breed, they focus on the most important factors like the dog’s characteristics and unique traits. One such shelter is the Territorio de Zaguates in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The “Land of the Strays” houses approximately 970 dogs, each with their own names, in approximately 378 acres of land in founder Lya Battle’s mountainside

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