Enron Unethical Practices

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In today's business environment, we face the difficulty of ethics in financial reporting. Trust is a major component for everything have to do with business. In particular, a company must be able to earn the trust of shareholder's who support them with the money they invest. However, given the numerous corporate accounting scandals in the past couple decades, we ask ourselves if it is possible to be successful without these unethical practices. The definition of true success varies between individuals and their goals on what they want to achieve. For some, it can mean accumulating vast amounts of wealth, finding someone you love and raising a family with him/her, or it can be as simple as being happy with what you have done. In my opinion, true success…show more content…
With that said, I believe that it is definitely possible to be successful in today's business environment even with the dilemma between ethics and financial reporting. Not only is unethical financial reporting false success, you are harming yourself and potentially many others around you. The impact is emphasized when a company is successful in making money but not in covering up their illegal acts. Enron is a prime example of a Corporate America crisis that occurred in the early 21st century. The Enron scandal revealed in October 2001 when the company filed for bankruptcy. This company was formed in 1985 by Kenneth Lay, he brought in his own company, Houston Natural Gas, and combined it with another company called InterNorth. The main cause of the downfall of Enron was misrepresentation. The company's executive's were able to

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